So I took a step forward and two steps back. 

I have been swamped with Uni work recently and family issues. Not only have I been incredibly stressed, I completely fell off the health wagon. I still ate healthy savoury, but ate a truck load of sugar too. 

I’ve started healthy again now. 

I’ve bought loads of healthy snacks including, oranges, cashews, smoothie stuff and bananas.

Tomorrow I’m doing intervals and circuits. 

Breakfast: Poached egg and spinach

Lunch: Prawn salad

Dinner: Green Veg soup and chicken and veg

Snacks: Cashews, banana and blueberries.

Hope your May challenge has gone better than mine!


Week One-ish

I’m writing this today because I think I owe you all another picture of my progress. 

I had a cheat meal yesterday of minirolls and chocolate fingers.

But, I’m back on the bandwagon today and feeling great! I have just started doing more ab work and I think it’s really paying off!! It’s the softest part of my body and the only part which is not muscly. 

So here’s the pictures and let me know what you think! Nice comments only though, I’m emotional at the moment. 

Please send me your progress and keep me updated, I find it empowering and inspiring! ImageImage

Day One

Today I didn’t even keep an eye on how much I ate. I have been so busy and emotional today due to history dissertation trauma that really nothing else came into my mind. 

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with steamed spinach

Lunch- Chicken breast with green beans

Dinner- Salmon with broccoli 

If I snack later, I’m sure I will considering my all-nighter, I will be eating Cashew Nuts. 

Exercise was simple today, just a mixture of interval and sustained cardio, with ab circuits. 

How has everyone else done today?

Sorry there’s no real enthusiasm, I am mentally drained I’m afraid. Hopefully after the dreaded deadline I’ll have a little more oomph. 

Keep it up everyone, one day down! 

The May Challenge

I’m going to attempt my own May Challenge, where I:

  • eat clean and lean, so all natural non-processed food for a month and allow myself one cheat meal a week if I feel I must have something, but otherwise try and stick to two.
  • workout everyday with one day off a week.
  • Take weekly pictures of my progress

I’m thinking sticking to this will help me really kickstart my body and not make me expect results after a few days. 

I’d really like others to join in!


The hardest thing in any diet is discipline. 

I am struggling to find that today, and not just with food but with my work. 

I feel like I have no energy at all and am feeling a little upset with an email from a tutor. 

Not the easiest of days, I have to try and do some work soon. I’ve not eaten badly, and I have gymed. But not stuck to my plan and have not done work which is also getting me down. I’m going to try and do some now and work really hard tomorrow. 

Hope your days are going better. What do you do for general motivation in every aspect of your life?

Turning Point

Well I am thrilled quite frankly. 

I measured my hips last night and have lost an inch off the old love handles! 

Not only that, I decided to have my cheat meal tonight because I’m a little odd and like to start my week on a sunday, preparing everything and feeling good for monday. So, I went into the shops thinking, ‘I can buy alll the food in the world!!!!’. Yet, I only came out with a lasagne, organic yoghurt and satsumas. I literally wanted nothing else, but that. I pondered over cake, I deliberated with chocolate, I spent an era looking at the tiramisu, but no. I wanted nothing but yoghurt and oranges. 

This is the girl who once skipped dinner and just ate a 500g family size tiramisu, with NO GUILT! 

My body is crazy. In a good way. 

It just goes to show, in a little while, the effort really pays off. Not just physically but mentally too.

Have a great healthy or not healthy weekend! Tomorrow’s another day.

Getting There…

Today I’ve eaten: 

Breakfast: Two egg whites and steamed spinach

Lunch: Chicken, cucumber and green beans

Dinner: Organic brown wheat pasta and homemade tomato sauce 

Snacks: Cashew nuts

I did a mixture of cardio and resistance today. 

I’m feeling good about my day, but I am really craving some marshmallows. When it’s time for a cheat meal I will be eating Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and maybe a cheeky tiramisu. Yes I am feeling great eating well, but I am human and my body’s used to having carbs and sugar. 

But, I am doing really well and I am really proud. Two more days until I have a gym rest and a cheat meal. 

How has everyone else done today?

Back in the Game

I am feeling great today. Not only did I not need the snacks of white meat and cucumber, I had a fantastic gym session! 

I’m not bloated at all and this is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, scrambled with steamed spinach

Lunch: Chicken with cucumber and green beans

Dinner: Cod with green chillies, coriander, half a lemon squeezed and brocoli

My exercise today: 

Half an hour fast paced run, 15 minutes on the cross trainer with a few intervals, weights, squats, lunges and abs. 

How’s everyone else feeling today? What have other people done today?

Set Backs

I’m really annoyed today. I don’t feel well and this has meant that I haven’t stuck to the detox diet, or exercise. 

So, I’m planning to continue the strict diet and exercise regime for three extra days to make up for this set back. I was so proud of myself. I’ve fallen off the wagon today, yes, but I feel if you’re ill and emotionally drained, it’s not worth restricting your body too. If anything that’s more stressful for the mind. 

So, three more day, and I look forward to it, because I really enjoy feeling healthy and like I’m in control of my body. 

Never fear if you have an off day. It’s ok. We’re only human.

Clean and Lean- Day One

Well, day one is nearly over! Five to go! 

The eating during the day was fine, I kept busy, ate my snacks and lunch within four hours and it kept the hunger pains away! I went to the gym, and followed the plan which includes a mixture of interval training and circuits. It’s the best workout I’ve had in a while and I feel great because of it! 

My only problem is I feel like it was all going too well.

Normally, when I get in from a busy day, I sit in my bed, snuggle up (my house is a freezer) and devour a packet of cookies. So, I am sat here with nothing. I now have huge sugar cravings. I’m not even hungry! Sugar is my nemesis and I am refusing to give in. Of course it’s going to be hard to begin with, but would it feel as proud if it was easy? 

I think not. 

So, I’m going to make a peppermint tea, and at 7 pm, make my cod and veg dinner. 

I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow evening, my work out and of course what I’ve eaten. 

Make the right choice tonight like I’ve done! You’ll feel better for it and so proud!!